Closing Shop

I'm closing the blog. As evident as it is, I simply have not been keeping up with it. The novel writing and dayjob have taken up quite a bit of my time. Oh, I'm also told there is something like a life, or something that I should be having some part in, but that's still pretty elusive.
So, for the time being at least, I'm shutting down the blog. Feel free to reach me via facebook, twitter (JM_Diaz) and Tumblr (http://jm-diaz.tumblr.com).
I hope to see you there friends... I do, indeed.

Cheers and Chao...



MC Howe

Good golly, that makes me sad. I was excited to see that you posted again after a lengthy delay.

Do reconsider. How about a reunion blog after a couple of years?


We'll miss you, but I certainly understand. After my six month hiatus I came back renewed and ready for the journey again. I appreciate it more now, I am more focused now, I just like my blog and my writing better now. Taking a break is a good thing.

Can't wait for you to come back home! :)


Sierra Godfrey



The takes a chunk of time. Good luck in that fully rounded life. Don't forget to keep writing. :)

Leigh Hutchens Burch

Sadspice. Even though you posted this two weeks ago... and it took me that long to long into my reader to get the news. ;) I'll talk to you via facebook, friend... but I'll never forget our times via blogger. RIP.

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