7.26.2009 0
Tragedy is some of the best fodder for fiction. The truthfulness of that, is in itself, tragic.

Let us not forget that Life does not imitate fiction. Au contraire, fiction makes a damn good effort of imitating life. Yet, seems to always fall short. As inventive as our minds can get, perhaps it is a literary loss that we are not able to anticipate the actual psychosis of the human mind. And when we do, it comes across as campy, or unrealistic. Until, that is, we see the images birthed from the darkest corners of our imaginations broadcasted on CNN; perpetuated some other disturbed soul.




7.06.2009 0
I've been hard at work editing my little project. It is truly fascinating how the story has grown from just an idea birthed from an all nighter of true-crime TV, conversations over beer (or wine), and an indomitable desire to write. I have not updated any of the changes made, but I will soon.

It is time for me to get to work on a query letter that demonstrates just how much I love story telling. Not in a congenial BS kind of way. Those of you who have read Preston\Child, Koontz\Rollins, and such will appreciate it. And if you don't, then its time to get back to the drawing board. This is hardly a mere experiment for me. Not long ago I decided to forgo those books on Network analysis and powershell script to dive into my story. My Story. It truly is magnificent to see my creation come alive in the pages before me (as digital as they may be).
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