The week in WTF News

8.27.2010 7
- 500 Million Eggs Tainted With Salmonella
Here’s the skinny: A bunch of chickens were fed rat-crapped-on food that made them [the chickens] produce salmonella’ed eggs. I know 500 million sounds like a lot, but when compared to the 80 billion eggs the US produces every year, it does put things in perspective. It’s like you have a better chance of being sodomized on a bus than to get one of the contaminated eggs. I’m just sayin’. But you should stop eating runny eggs. Not only is it gross, but now, potentially dangerous.

- 56 Pound Tumor Removed
Here’s the skinny: An Argentine woman went in to have a lump the size of an orange removed, but Doctors ended up finding a 56 pound tumor stashed inside there, instead. So, here’s my thing, how fat was this woman, or how blind were these doctors to miss a 56 lbs tumor? I mean, I know that it would’ve been easier to detect if we had some kind of “magnetic resonance imaging” device, or a something like a “Computer Tomography scan” appliance, or something… oh, wait. The best part, however, was their answer: “Well, it’s not the biggest tumor we found”. I can’t, I just…. I’m moving on.

- Katrina’s anniversary
Here’s the skinny: Really? Are we celebrating a hurricane? I know it was bad. I really do, but let’s not make an event out of everything. Next thing you know, we will be “remembering” the day that traffic wasn’t so bad. I know a lot of you have those “We will always remember” bumper stickers, and for those of you, I ask you this: Can you remember the Pythagorean Theorem, and a common application for it? Yeah, try remembering stuff like that next time. It’s NOT about remembering as much as it is about learning the lessons.

- Glenn Beck at the Lincoln Memorial
Here’s the skinny: Glenn Beck is planning some major rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of the “I have a Dream” speech by Dr. King. He claims it will be a revival of the civil rights movement. And here’s my thing: WTF??? Why are we still paying attention to this ass-clown. Why doesn’t his show get cancelled and his books used as foot-stools in bookstores? MLK’s ideals are a polar opposite to what this douche is preaching. People like him and the other “unmentionable gal” are giving republicans a bad rep (and I’m not a republican). I know he is claiming that it’s not a “political thing,” and that just makes me feel inclined to throw back a shot, and call “Bullshit”.


Current Perspective

8.19.2010 3
Why do today, the things I can pay someone to do tomorrow?

That's all.


Time is NOT of the Essence

8.02.2010 11
Being an unpub (unpublished author) has its advantages. Okay, all right; it has A [single] advantage. I can take my time with my story. I don’t have to work under the pressure of a deadline to be met, or to keep a timeline in order to produce a series at the right time. Not that one shouldn’t be disciplined with the craft, but we do have a certain leeway.

My livelihood is not dependent on my book getting published before (insert whatever BS holiday season) in order to maximize its sales potential. Instead, I can afford to read and re-read, and tweak, and flat out redo my story as I see fit. I mean, after all, that is why we write, is it not? If there is a writer out there that got into this business seeking fame and fortune, well, you may want to reconsider your motivation.

All King, Patterson and Brown aside, writing has not been the most lucrative of the arts. One can make a living off it, but not likely to the level of millionaire status that some other artists enjoy. I’m not discouraging, but simply stating my opinion. I count myself lucky to have a day job that allows me to pursue my love, with the passion it deserves. When I do seek publication for my work, it will be because I have taken it as far as I possibly can on my own. It will not be a “good enough” or a “It’ll have to do” kind of situation. For the time being, time is not of the essence.

I do wonder how my pace of writing will be once I do reach the elusive holly grail of publication. What is your experience with the process? Are you a strict scheduler? Or a write by inspiration person?
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