Team America, for realss...

8.30.2009 2

On Friday August 28, a ship was seized by UAE. Originating from North Korea, it sailed under Bahamian flag, in an Australian owned vessel supposedly carrying oil equipment. But it was not. Instead, it carried North-Korean munitions, detonators, and other weapons. Its destination: Iran.
That’s right. North Korea and Iran trading weapons. I’m pretty confident we had been warned about this in the past, yet we did not listen. Instead, more UN talks and perhaps a UN resolution and two were thrown out there.
Meanwhile, CNN and their arch-nemesis Fox News will continue to broadcast the healthcare reform controversy or Obama’s fluctuating popularity. However, I believe that two of the [Cartoon-bandit-like-named] members of the Axis of Evil (eveel?), trading weapons should be a bit more news worthy.
What do we do now? Now we wait and see what the new administration is going to do (if anything) about this new situation. Are we going to launch into new talks with Iran about its nuclear program? Perhaps send a new envoy to North Korea to review their supposed powered off reactor? I wish I knew. This new (and improved?) axis of evil will have to be watched. Not because of their nefarious nature, but because they may prove to provide some real entertainment. Think “Team America” goes live-action.  
But hey, I’m just a news digester.



8.25.2009 0

It's official, our deficit is not just scary. It's mind boggling. Granted that we are "only" at 1.9 trillion, but they are projecting 9 trillion. NINE! We owe more dollars than there are stars in the known UNIVERSE! And we know of about 100 billion galaxies. Yeah, do the math. if every person on earth "donated" abo...ut $120, it still wouldn't be enough to cover our deficit. that's 7 billion people. I'm giving myself a headache.


New Hallucinogenic

8.24.2009 0
After hours of reading, and writing, pondering, and enjoying perhaps a bit too much espresso (is there such a thing), I have come to a conclusion. It takes me back to the days when I was a young father, my baby boys was mere weeks, experiencing the world via his new eyes and new years and surprisingly powerful lungs. Those days when "sleeping like a baby" sounded like a cruel joke.
"You mean, waking up every two hours to eat, pee and burp?"
Yeeah. It was during those days that I first experienced that mind expanding, life altering, hallucinogenic power of three-hour sleep. Now, now... I know what you are thinking: "Surely, Acid, ecstasy, or even meth will alter your perception of reality more than this, this claim of yours."
Let me assure you (without self-incrimination) that they do not. Only under the influence of three-hour sleep does taking a nap in your car, in August, in Atlanta, in a 100 degree sun beaten parking lot, sound remotely like a good idea.
As I sit here typing this, contemplating my status reports for tomorrow, what I'll make for dinner for my kids after school, and the revisions I need to make on my book, I can tell you with a certain level of certainty: It's all worth it. Even if I do get a small heat rash from sleeping in the car from time to time.



8.06.2009 0
I'd like to get some opinions on this:

When Jacob Santos receives a message on his phone, he understands all too well the macabre meaning behind the four words: “Got another for you”. A Killer is on the loose in Atlanta, targeting not just single mothers, but their innocent children as well. Without much evidence, or even the law by his side, Jacob sets out to stop this monster. It is a race against time and the Atlanta Police. Jacob knows the blood of the next victims will be on his hands, unless he finds the killer. Unknown to them both, they share a common apparition in their journey, a ghost of their past, guiding their paths closer to one another. An encounter that could shatter everything Jacob Santos ever believed in. Detective Nate Barker, from Fulton County Criminal investigations, is assigned to the case of his career. With nothing but his analytical mind and rookie partner, he must solve the worst serial killing case in Atlanta’s history, while attempting to keep the reins on his disintegrating marriage and estranged daughter. Time is running out. Six weeks, and four murders have taken place, and they are only increasing in frequency. Detective Barker too, must find this killer, before another family is lost, and his faith is annihilated.
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