I'm Pissed. Why Aren't You?

9.10.2010 8
Here is something that pisses me off: Britney Spears is in the news? Really? If missing children and unsolved crimes got the air and print time Britney’s cellulite and Lindsey’s crack [head] get, the world would be a happier place. News outlets need a serious reshuffling of their priorities.

Here is another thing that pisses me off: Considering that all Muslims are terrorists. That is idiotic. That’s like considering all Christians as pedophiles because of what a few priests did. Next time I see somebody wearing a crucifix, I’m going to pull my kids away and shove them behind me. And no more churches near schoolyards.

And another thing that pisses me off: Burning the Qur'an. You know who burns books? The Nazi’s, that’s who. That’s all I’m saying.

Another thing that pisses me off: Iran to release one of the three American’s that have been arrested for over a year. ONE of the THREE? What the hell is this? Human roulette? That’s not a sign of good faith, that is insult added to injury. Those three are as much spies as I am a member of the Green Lantern corps (Yay, movie coming! – sorry, ADD moment). At best, the 3 Americans can be charged with walking over the Iranian border illegally. That little foot trick earned them over a year in an Iranian jail! And people complain about OUR treatment of illegals.

And the last thing that has pissed me off today (it’s only 9am): Where the F*CK is the white iPhone 4?? Huh?
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