A Very Weary Query 

2.28.2010 9
Let's see a show of hands now:

How many of you are ready to query?
How many of you have edited your MS as much as you possibly can? 

Do you all send out the queries before your MS is fully polished, or not really, since you know that it will likely get re-edited once an agent accepts it. Notice "once" not "if". 

I've been pondering on this for some time now, eventhough I'm not quite there yet. My musings were, I don't want to say interrupted, but rather complimeted by an idea for my WIP. A way of tying up all my murders and my protagonist with a nice silk thread. More on this later. 

Anyway, lemme know your thoughts, kiddies. Gotta go 'cause my flight is about to board. 

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Send Hate Mail here, but:

2.19.2010 12
When your way of conducting business makes people think that flying an airplane into your building is better than dealing with you, it may be time to reconsider your business practices. That said, it was an absolutely senseless loss of life, for all involved.


Psychosomatically Busy

2.16.2010 10
I'm not just trying to be fansy schmancy with the titles... it trully has been an insane time for me. My for realz life is invading my virtual one, and started rape, pilage and plunder. I don;t know where this all came from, but I am hoping that I can create my own little Hannibal the barbarian, fight back this intruding force.

I miss my blogging buds, and their great posts.


Personally, I blame you.

2.05.2010 18
$9.99 for an e-book is an outrage. A flat out crime. There is a lot of talk in the media of how publishers are pulling away from the internet behemoth (AKA: Amazon) in favor of the sales model Apple is offering. And why wouldn’t they? After all, everyone knows that Apple corp. is the Mecca of user friendly prices and consumer driven affordability. In fact, their new tablet generated more buzz then the tablet Moses introduced. Even though Moses’ tablet was wireless and buttonless, and even came with its own set detailed instructions, it didn’t generate this much noise. Never mind that the instructions were supposed to be handed down from a higher power.
Apple’s [tablet] comes from a way, way higher authority. The Immortal omnipresence of Steve Jobs. Moreover, it has an app store. Take that, burning bushes.

But I digress.

Instead of letting the market dictate the price of an electronic reproduction (which in reality costs close to nothing to digitize) they are pulling away and opting for the pricier sales model? Perfect.

Way to alienate readers. Great work guys.

That has about as much brains behind it as the recording industry and their struggle to keep CD’s alive. Holding on to the old ways is only chasing away the customers who want information now, and accessible. It’s simple. I’d rather sell 30000 copies of something at $6.99 then 8000 at $14.99. A broader audience is reached, which creates talk and talk beckons more sales. I’m not even going to get into the illegal downloading that is heading our way.

I’m not an e-book reader, having a strong preference for the feel and smell of paper when I read, but I do know more and more people are. The price of things should go down (and not up) to keep customers coming back. If my book comes out as an e-book, I’d want it to be a cheap as humanly possible. I’d rather have people clicking and downloading instead of thinking “gosh, I don’t know if I wanna spend $14.99 for a writer I don’t know.” But people will go out, and buy it, and support the few books that already have an audience, while torpedoing the entire next generation of authors and their books.
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