Flying, Aarghh...


Four, almost five hours on a flight is bad enough. But no drink service?

I mean, really? I have ten thousand free drink coupons but not a stewardess, I mean, flight attendant, to fetch me a drink. What's even worse is for a chatty person like me, to go this long without talking is torture. I cannot begin to imagine what a flight to japan must be like. When my girlfriend told me that she dreaded flying, THIS is what she meant, raised to the level of 20 some odd hours stuck in a cylindrical tuna can with tuna (and invariably other) smelly people. .

All have to say is, for god, Zeus, ra, Orem, or whoveres sake, bring back the concord. Damn you french for taking it away. And damn you world elite for making it so unaffordable. Oh, and nevermind the fact that were supposed have flying cars and transporter tubes. Damn you jetsons, for lying to me in my childhood, making me think I was gonna have a super cool adulthood!

I love travelling, I hate flying! There... Bitching concluded.

And to top it all off, I have to deal with the clapping dorks when we land... Sheesh! I'm done (I hope)


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