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When your way of conducting business makes people think that flying an airplane into your building is better than dealing with you, it may be time to reconsider your business practices. That said, it was an absolutely senseless loss of life, for all involved.


Tina Lynn

Whatcha talkin' bout, Willis?

Roni @ FictionGroupie

Indeed - on both counts.


IMHO, most people who "have trouble" with the IRS (like my brother) do so because they simply haven't paid their taxes like the responsible rest of us. Nobody likes to do it, but that's what fixes the potholes and pays the weather service.

Sierra Godfrey

What Tina said, come on what happened?

Jm Diaz

@Tina and @Sierra: Some dude got pissed at the IRS,burned down his house and flew his small plane into an IRS building. Killed himself and a worker.

@ Trav: I pay my taxes, but once the IRS made a mistake processing my return. It took a damn act of congress to get them to fix it.It was like talking to lobotomized monkeys on the phone. The best part, their error was in MY favor, but I was trying to do the right thing, and pay my fair amount. If its THAT hard to give them money, I don't want to imagine what it would be like when they are trying to the $$ out of you.


There are some really nutty people out there.


I second Kathy on that. Some people are really off their rockers. It's really sad that violence is the answer for some.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith

It is really sad that anyone ever gets to the point when violence becomes the only answer they feel empowers them.
Dignified grievance procedures have got to be built into any or all systems.

Tina Lynn

Sometimes violence is needed to overthrow bad governments. Look at the French Revolution.

Amy Saia

We need Spiderman to fix all this mess. Seriously.

Lady Midnight

It's like that other time when planes were flown into a building and no one wanted to ask why... Asking a few questions about how someone can hate you so much and perhaps adapting your own behaviour (as well as punishing them obviously, I'm not a complete pacifist!) could save a lot of trauma down the road.


Scary times. I guess it could be said of any century.


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