How You Doin'?

In the lifetime of WIP's, mine is entering its summer. I have completed a sturdy, hefty round of edits and shall begin to transcribe them to my digital copy.

I highly recommend printing out your MS. After three or four rounds of edits on your digital copy, a hard copy will help you catch those retarded evasive mistakes that eluded you in the past.

I'm not saying that mine is ready to go, but I feel much closer now.

On a macabre side note, there was a crime today in my city that eerily resembled the murder scenes of my WIP. It was reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution here. I couldn't help but notice the similarities, and develop a morbid professional interest in the details.

I know. If there is a hell, y'all make sure to send me a postcard.


Sierra Godfrey

At the risk of sounding crass and inappropriate, perhaps you could reference said real murder in your query letter to agents....esp in Atlanta area....just saying. Might provide tie into real life events...just a thought, and not a terribly well formed one either. (It could brand you as a psycho, I guess.)

Jm Diaz

I don't to become a suspect. Though you pose an interesting idea.


Same thing happened to me, in that an event occurred that eerily mirrored a major event in my book. Truth is stranger than fiction. I remember a couple of movies in which murders follow the prescription in novels -- so you're probably a suspect, whether you want to be or not. Remember, don't say anything without a lawyer present!!!

Natalie L. Sin

I'm definitely printing out my first draft. Reading more than a few pages on screen makes my eyes all wonky!

Amber Tidd Murphy

Heading to internets to read about said crime in Atlanta. If the real events are as "macabre" as the ones in your ms, I'm a) creeped out and b) intrigued.

Tina Lynn

Yipes. Um...you do consider me to be a friend, right, JM? *grin*


What's more morbid is now I am very intrigued to read you ms. :-)

Amy Saia

How strange, you psychic you.


Primo, with your hand there it seems your have to go pee, like now!!!!!


That's a little freaky.

Unknown Mami

Congratulations on the progress!

I thought of you today because I wrote a ridiculously long post and felt guilty. Oh well.

You could write a screenplay about a writer that writes crimes and the crimes come to pass. It makes him feel torn about writing, but he can't give it up and bodies lie in his artistic wake.


I like printing out my manuscripts, too. It's easier to find boo-boos and easier to read in general.

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