I'm Pissed. Why Aren't You?

Here is something that pisses me off: Britney Spears is in the news? Really? If missing children and unsolved crimes got the air and print time Britney’s cellulite and Lindsey’s crack [head] get, the world would be a happier place. News outlets need a serious reshuffling of their priorities.

Here is another thing that pisses me off: Considering that all Muslims are terrorists. That is idiotic. That’s like considering all Christians as pedophiles because of what a few priests did. Next time I see somebody wearing a crucifix, I’m going to pull my kids away and shove them behind me. And no more churches near schoolyards.

And another thing that pisses me off: Burning the Qur'an. You know who burns books? The Nazi’s, that’s who. That’s all I’m saying.

Another thing that pisses me off: Iran to release one of the three American’s that have been arrested for over a year. ONE of the THREE? What the hell is this? Human roulette? That’s not a sign of good faith, that is insult added to injury. Those three are as much spies as I am a member of the Green Lantern corps (Yay, movie coming! – sorry, ADD moment). At best, the 3 Americans can be charged with walking over the Iranian border illegally. That little foot trick earned them over a year in an Iranian jail! And people complain about OUR treatment of illegals.

And the last thing that has pissed me off today (it’s only 9am): Where the F*CK is the white iPhone 4?? Huh?



I started this morning pissed off, too. I was listening to PRM and they were talking about Terry Jones and his Qur'an burning "compromise". WHATEVER!! Here's what makes me mad--WHY IS THIS NEWS? He has a congregation of fifty people. Let's just ignore him. All this publicity is actually giving him legs.



Veronika Kaufmann

I am pissed off because all the news everywhere is letting that legal moron Terry Jones dictate shit. If the mediWould ignore him then this wouldn' t be such a big deal. If 50 odd morons feel the need to burn books let them. And if the muskie world equates 50 to 320 mil they are just as mad. Get that jerk off the air!

Veronika Kaufmann

Sorry ....typo......am not so great with touch pad thingy.....I meant "Muslims"no disrespect intended!

L. Diane Wolfe

Yeah, if the media wouldn't milk the garbage news, we wouldn't hear about all this stupid stuff.


Wow, quite a rant. Haven't heard much from you lately. How's the book going?

Wendy Ramer

Except for the complaint about the white iphone, your whining is on target... but is either preaching to the choir or falling on deaf ears. It's hard to stand on your soap box and...
I'm getting wrapped up in euphemisms and cliche expressions. Just too pissed at Terry Jones to think clearly (and pissed that I even know that man's name, thanks to the media.)


This is why I don't watch or read the majority of the news because it's saturated with a lot of silly things about celebrities. Who cares.

Culture Served Raw

I agree with the anti-Islamic hysteria. In Australia there is hot debate concerning wearing the burqa in public. One step at a time my friends and we will seriously have history repeating itself!

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