New Hallucinogenic

After hours of reading, and writing, pondering, and enjoying perhaps a bit too much espresso (is there such a thing), I have come to a conclusion. It takes me back to the days when I was a young father, my baby boys was mere weeks, experiencing the world via his new eyes and new years and surprisingly powerful lungs. Those days when "sleeping like a baby" sounded like a cruel joke.
"You mean, waking up every two hours to eat, pee and burp?"
Yeeah. It was during those days that I first experienced that mind expanding, life altering, hallucinogenic power of three-hour sleep. Now, now... I know what you are thinking: "Surely, Acid, ecstasy, or even meth will alter your perception of reality more than this, this claim of yours."
Let me assure you (without self-incrimination) that they do not. Only under the influence of three-hour sleep does taking a nap in your car, in August, in Atlanta, in a 100 degree sun beaten parking lot, sound remotely like a good idea.
As I sit here typing this, contemplating my status reports for tomorrow, what I'll make for dinner for my kids after school, and the revisions I need to make on my book, I can tell you with a certain level of certainty: It's all worth it. Even if I do get a small heat rash from sleeping in the car from time to time.


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