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On Friday August 28, a ship was seized by UAE. Originating from North Korea, it sailed under Bahamian flag, in an Australian owned vessel supposedly carrying oil equipment. But it was not. Instead, it carried North-Korean munitions, detonators, and other weapons. Its destination: Iran.
That’s right. North Korea and Iran trading weapons. I’m pretty confident we had been warned about this in the past, yet we did not listen. Instead, more UN talks and perhaps a UN resolution and two were thrown out there.
Meanwhile, CNN and their arch-nemesis Fox News will continue to broadcast the healthcare reform controversy or Obama’s fluctuating popularity. However, I believe that two of the [Cartoon-bandit-like-named] members of the Axis of Evil (eveel?), trading weapons should be a bit more news worthy.
What do we do now? Now we wait and see what the new administration is going to do (if anything) about this new situation. Are we going to launch into new talks with Iran about its nuclear program? Perhaps send a new envoy to North Korea to review their supposed powered off reactor? I wish I knew. This new (and improved?) axis of evil will have to be watched. Not because of their nefarious nature, but because they may prove to provide some real entertainment. Think “Team America” goes live-action.  
But hey, I’m just a news digester.


Literary Cowgirl

Sort of reminds me of when I was studying Peace, War,and Diplomacy at an American military school. I told one of my profs that I thought the Taliban's clamp down on women was a means of immobilizing the population akin to what the Nazis did by taking out the Jews. (The Jews having run the banks and several other important infastructures, and the women making up a vast part of the professional sector because of a never-ending civil war that has wiped out many of the men). He told me I was an over-sensitive feminist. Funny, because now my classmates are dying over there. Well, I guess East Timor and the fact that we had Indonesian military officers attending our school was of way more importance, at the time.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

Jm Diaz

No need to thank for stopping by, I've been enjoying your blog (in a non-stalker way - swear!). "Over-sensitive feminist"... That's funny, especially when you are stating a view based on a clear observation of facts. It does however, speak volumes to the attitude that some officers (and population in general) have in regards to the situation in the middle east. A region at odds with itself for generations cannot be understood, explained or solved by our standards of behavior. The people attempting to do so, based on our understanding of their society are simply suffering from leadership and objective myopia. I agree with your thoughts on the Taliban's clamp down on women and your Nazi analogy. I believe it to be a means of control by instilling fear in the rest of the population.

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