The Greatest Man I Will Ever Know.

Well I’m well aware
I know it all too well, I do.
I truly understand
What always in the end,
Comes true.

Your passing left me numb
‘twas a stab to the heart,
It cleaved our home in two
And carved our family apart,
Yes, it’s true.

Never told you, I loved you
Never admitted,
I looked up to you.
Never said that I’d miss you,
Yes, all this is true.

I think back everyday
To what your face would be today,
The things that you would say,
To your children of today,
It’s still true.

You forgave me all my sins,
Never let me down
Showed me trough your grins,
Why I shouldn’t frown,
This is true.

Never told you, I loved you
Never admitted,
I looked up to you.
Never said that I’d miss you,
All of this is still true.

Now I have to wait,
To look upon your face
For the day that I die
To meet you on the other side,
It’ll be true.


mike j

Thanks, Jorge. Voices what I think of my Grandfather. I'm not as poetically eloquent as thou, however.

Amber Tidd Murphy

What a nice tribute to your father. I'm sorry for your loss.

Jm Diaz

Thank you both. I can't explain why, I just felt posting this today. Its not any anniversary, or birthday or anything like that. It's just been on mi mind for a while now.

Judith Mercado

A beautiful poem and even more beautiful sentiments. Funny, we both posted about our deceased fathers today. You captured the poignancy I felt while I wrote. Thank you.

Michele Emrath

How wonderful that you found writing. Thank you for sharing your memories. Beautiful.


Concord Carpenter

that is excellent


Very nice work couz. Just remember that some of us don’t have to wait to “see upon his face”, because all the good deeds we see you do are a reflection that he is still alive in you. CD


A very touching poem. You commented on my blog a while ago and I wanted to re-visit.

Tina Lynn

It's always more meaningful if you just have something on your mind for no particular reason. *hugs*


This would make a good song.

Sorry for your loss.


What a great human being. It was a fortune to know this man. You ARE, in great part, because of him. You honor his memory and the love that he taught you with these words.

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