Fleeting Time

Dow Jones, Gold and Silver indexes and Oil prices have nothing on time. Time, that little tick-tock, is the most precious commodity there is. It is its scarceness that inflates its value and it’s become obvious to me that its availability decreases as we age.

Similarly to my peers and colleagues, I more often than not find myself wishing for that trophy day we call “Friday”. We wish for Monday to kiss our collectives asses, and Tuesday through Thursday to hurry on by without any more presence than a deaf\mute in a concert. But Friday, ah Friday arrives, decked in white suite and a walking cane, spreading it’s coolness on us, reminding us why we live.

Friday should be called Soulday.

The time when the collective human spirit is revitalized and once again we revel in our livelihood, wanting to squeeze every drop out life. If life gives us lemons, then on Friday is when we make lemonade.

Sad. We are wishing away our life for the sake of one day, and the promise of a two- day break. I know that for most of us, Monday through Thursday are just other crap routine days, but crap or not, it is our routine. Our days. The kind that will never come again. What happens if we die today, or tomorrow and never make it to Friday? Will we feel cheated because we missed out on your Soulday? Enjoy each day, all of them, even the crap ones; they are the last of their kind.

This thoughtful moment brought to you by espresso-in-my-veins.
Now, go forth and reproduce, or jerk off… whatever.



I wish I had that problem. No, I don't. Well, sometimes. I work in a strange industry, with 24 hour days, 365 times a year and no holidays off. Weekends? Sometimes. Monday thru Friday? Occasionally. I usually work a few days in a row and then have no less than four off. Sometimes I long for the 9 to 5 life, but so much of my time is mine I wouldn't trade it.

Remind me I said all this come Christmas when I'm stuck in some hotel far from everyone I care about.

Tina Lynn

I'm still going to tell Monday to kiss my ass! I'll just be nice to all the other days. Is that enough of a compromise for you?


i know many poeple who live just like this...


Very good post! The radio dudes always praise Fridays too, as if the other days don't matter. The thing they stress is getting through the week. That makes it sound as if everybody hates their jobs and just wants Friday to come for the paycheck. But some people actually like their jobs.

Amber Tidd Murphy

Since I am a banker, Friday's pretty much suck for me.

But Maunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... they all pretty much suck, too, actually.


I agree 100% that time is the most precious commodity. If I could just give up sleep, I'd have it in abundance. Alas.

Roni @ FictionGroupie

What's funny is that I'm now a stay at home mom, and I still count down to Friday, as if I'm going to get a break from mommyhood or something.

The Limit

Never a truer word was said. I've been chronically ill now for four years and all I have IS time but am not well enough to do a whole lot with it. So as you say, the next time you're wishing away your week or hating the routine be glad of it, revel in it, give a huge whit whoo that you're able to have a life and take a small second to remember those who aren't allowed your luxury.

Tatiana Lensky

everyday is a day tettering on the brink of some adventure.

Although I can relate to the weekend as the buoy of salvation. No calls. Nothing to take care of except what you like to do.

Nevertheless, an excellent reminder (and well said) that its not the goal, its how you get there. And achieving the goal requires navigating each and everyday.

Ok - enough pathos. Its Friday!

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