Man threatens to kill 9-year-old daughter unless she drinks alcohol

I'm not kidding. I wish I was. These are the kind of people that should never be allowed to procreate. Read the story HERE

Oh, and the ever classic "Man tries to trade baby for beer and drugs" located in the site page as above. Of just click HERE

It makes me ill. I'm a parent and news like this make me want hurt my knuckles against somebody's face. I was feeling guilty for letting my kids watch "The Fly" and "The Matrix" and introducing them to "Terminator". Suddenly, I'm feeling pretty good about my parenting skills... and that's a stretch.


sarahjayne smythe

Sadly, there are far too many of these stories out there, and there are many more far worse. Schools are filled with children coming from the most horrendous circumstances you can imagine.

As a parent myself, you hold your kids close and trust you instincts as you try to do your best at the job of parenting. You're doing fine.

Most of these stories are of people who have abrogated their responsbilities as parents and as human beings.


wow...that's frightening/sad/awful. Every time I hear stories like this, I'm amazed. It's so hard to believe any parent would even consider things like that. So, so, sad.


It breaks my heart everytime a story like this crops up.

Lisa Marie Miles

I don't even want to read the stories. Being a foster parent we've seen first hand how horrible and irresponsible parents can be. People should have to be licensed to have kids.


I don't even need to read the stories to know how bad it is. I, too, believe certain people should not be allowed to reproduce. There ought to be tests first. IQ tests. Common sense tests. Calculus tests.

Sorry it took this to bring you back to blogging. Still, good to hear from you JM.

Jm Diaz

@Sarahjayne: Calling these people human beings is pushing it. They should be stripped of their rights.

@okie: It truly is sad.

@Lisa Marie: I commend you, and take my hat off to you for providing a home for kids that need it.

@Matt: Good to hear from you as well Matt. I know, I've been away... consumed by micro-blogging... aka: Twitter.

Alicia J. Frey

These stories shatter my heart. There have been a few that I have read that still haunt me. My children aggravate me, and I may have threatened to sell them to the gypsies on occasion - but they are what keeps my heart beating. Anyone that could harm them or treat them so horribly is an evil that should land them in a level of hell that even Dante didn't wish to discuss.


I think people should have to get a license to have kids.


Holy crap! These parents don't deserve to have the privilege to reproduce. I feel bad if I make my son cry when I raise my voice. I have only spanked my child once and the guilt has never allowed me to do it again.

Culture Served Raw

Ok... I can't even begin to comprehend that :S

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