Time is NOT of the Essence

Being an unpub (unpublished author) has its advantages. Okay, all right; it has A [single] advantage. I can take my time with my story. I don’t have to work under the pressure of a deadline to be met, or to keep a timeline in order to produce a series at the right time. Not that one shouldn’t be disciplined with the craft, but we do have a certain leeway.

My livelihood is not dependent on my book getting published before (insert whatever BS holiday season) in order to maximize its sales potential. Instead, I can afford to read and re-read, and tweak, and flat out redo my story as I see fit. I mean, after all, that is why we write, is it not? If there is a writer out there that got into this business seeking fame and fortune, well, you may want to reconsider your motivation.

All King, Patterson and Brown aside, writing has not been the most lucrative of the arts. One can make a living off it, but not likely to the level of millionaire status that some other artists enjoy. I’m not discouraging, but simply stating my opinion. I count myself lucky to have a day job that allows me to pursue my love, with the passion it deserves. When I do seek publication for my work, it will be because I have taken it as far as I possibly can on my own. It will not be a “good enough” or a “It’ll have to do” kind of situation. For the time being, time is not of the essence.

I do wonder how my pace of writing will be once I do reach the elusive holly grail of publication. What is your experience with the process? Are you a strict scheduler? Or a write by inspiration person?


Robin Lemke

I love the term "unpub" - makes me feel like a character in a cool sci fi movie. ;)


I'm a great procrastinator right up to the point when I force myself to start. Then I have to find a way to make myself stop writing too.

Jessica Ann Hill

I am a far cry from a strict scheduler. Even though I don't follow a schedule, I also find that if I wait for inspiration to hit, it could be while between sessions. Most of the time, I just have to force myself to sit down and write. That's when I find the inspiration.. when I actually start working.

Jm Diaz

Ha! I'm glad you liked "unpub" :)
And yes, I too find that I have to sit and do it.. and after a few minutes of staring at the screen, and a few more false starts, the work flows. and then, its equally hard to get me to stop.

Amber Murphy

I'm clearly a "write by inspiration" writer. And obviously, inspiration does not strike me early or often.

Claudya Martinez

I think you should write a novel called "unpub".

L. Diane Wolfe

Once you become published, you become familiar with the magic word 'deadline!'
And according to statistics, only 300 authors in America make a living writing. Those are not good odds!

Jm Diaz

300, eh? I'll start calling myself, Leonidas. ha! I'm okay with having my books be a supplement income... so long as I can channel my writing compulsion.


I tend to write when I am in the mood which is not the best way but I do what I want. I have a paying job so like you, it's not my bread and butter.


I saw you're from Atlanta. I LOVE Atlanta! I visited once to go see a concert ( the story, which is kind of a weird one, is on my blog: http://www.kayemevans.com/blog/?p=94 ) and I fell in love with the city. Just wanted to drop in and say "hi!"



I only wish being published has put some deadlines in place - currently, it feels like all I do is play the waiting game while the wheels of the industry turn slowly on!

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