A Kindle? For me? You shouldn't have... Really. Don't

I love tech, I make a living with it after all, but some things I feel are best left alone. I understand the book publishing industry is changing, but the new e-readers seem less like evolution, and more like evolutionary mutation. I enjoy the leafing through pages sensation, the smell of the pages, the binding, the glue...never mind the type! Maybe I'm a thirty-three year old, old soul.
So, I take no shame when I declare that my approach to the kindle is: "Just say no!"
Maybe time will force my hand, but until then, I refuse.
As far as lending books, I also quit. It easier than quitting smoking, and made me feel good to do so, not antsy like my departing nicotine chum.
A few weeks after parting with my paper bound treasures, I could hear my fathers words echoing in my mind: "I'm not sure who's dumber. The person that lends a book, or the one who returns it." Turns out, I was the dumber-er.
I'd like to hear the other side of the argument though? What is the advantage of an e-reader? Especially if you enjoy book sharing.



I only loan books I don't care if I get back; I've learned.

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Jm Diaz

I try not to care, but I still do. I'm still pissy about three books that are out in the wild. Their empty spots in my bookcase mock me.

And I loved your blog.. I'm now following it ;)


I was a dead set against a kindle as well. I love books, the smell of the paper, having them on my shelves, going through bookstores to select my next one. But my closets started filling up and my husband started nudging me to get a kindle before there was no room left for him. :) I agreed to try one (you can return it within 30 days if you don't like it.) And I have to say, I'm kind of loving it.

It's not like reading on a computer screen. I forget that it's electronic and find myself lifting my finger to the corner to turn the page. It's also nice to be able to email my own manuscript to it and read through it that way instead of staring at my computer screen or printing it out. It also feeds my need for instant gratification--I want a book, I have it in 60 seconds.

As for lending, that is a drawback, but I'm pretty selfish about my favorite books and rarely lend them anyway.

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Tina Lynn

Ugh...I'm like you. Give me a book any day. I would rather be able to snuggle up with it. And how can you ask an author to sign a kindle? Oh, wait...you can't! Case closed.

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