No Motivation = Mondayvation.

I could blame it on the weather, I suppose. Summer blew a kiss and waved goodbye a while back, granting passage to colder days, greyer clouds and rain. Boy, has it rained. It’s just dreary. If any of you caught a glimpse of the news last week, I am pretty sure CNN was covering the submerged city of Atlanta. Heck, CNN’s headquarters proximity to the flooding was too close for comfort.

I would like to get some writing done later, but quite frankly, it’s just not in me today. I tried to knock out a few chapters last night but that proved as effective as a three-legged pup in a dog race. My characters would not speak to me. I felt like I needed to apologize to them for something I had no idea I had done, and had no clue why it was wrong, but it was most definitely my fault. It was like being married to them. Not a bad thing, overall I guess, but I need to hear their voices before I start drumming the keyboard and I just can’t.

Maybe I’ll go and buy a box of chocolates and some flowers for me them and wait a day or two until the pissyness evaporates along with the rest of the downpour out here. I think we just all need a break. We’ve been spending way too much time together over the past few weeks in this cramped brain of mine, and everyone – even imaginary voices – needs some space. Does this happen to you as well, or am I the only pms’ing schizophrenic?


Amber Tidd Murphy

Well, sir. You are not the only one. It may be Christmas before I get to 30,000 words. I think my muse is out shopping for her Halloween costume or something. Blah.


Totally there with you. Sometimes they just don't want to cooperate, and sometimes you try to force them and all you get on the paper is splotches of ink and utter crap.

Jm Diaz

Ah, crap! It is Halloween.. I gotta go shopping for costume. Maybe I'll run into your muse, Amber.

And SJ, you aint kiddin'... Its just been one of those days.


You're not the only one. All I ever read on people's blogs is how much they've written. Blah blah blah...or is it bla bla bla? I take solace in knowing rejection doesn't discriminate against who writes least.

Jm Diaz

Well said sir... well said...
And I'm gonna go with the more formal "blah"..Its the same "H" that is present in "Herbs".. ;)

L. T. Host

I think sometimes they're lazy and just need a good kick in the seat of the pants to get going.

Of course, sometimes it's a plot thing. I find that when I don't know where I'm going with my story, my schizophrenia clears right up!

Jm Diaz

Thanks LT. You are right about direction, or lack thereof... However, my MS is done. I'm editing. I'm working on character development... so its them, not me. I can't be my fault, right?


Yep- I get like that too. It's been gray out here too, and rainy. We got *maybe* 2 weeks of summer here... seemed like it came as fast as it went.

It is okay to take a step back- enjoy your life, talk to your friends etc. :)


You're complaining Erica? I've spent the last two days laying over in Romulus (Detroit Airport for non-natives) It's sunny and 90 at home. Actually too hot. I'm enjoying what little bit of fall I get to play with.

Shellie (Layers of Thought)

Get on the treadmill - then have a beer. It hydrates better than H2O. It beat a shrink.
Take care!


I struggled with the same lack of inspiration (and I'm not even novelling!) for the past few weeks. It took an epiphany to knock me out of it. Sometimes all we need is a break... and sometimes all we need is a swift kick in the pants.



I'm pumped up for NaNoWriMo...I can't wait to start writing. This is going to be the best one ever.
BTW, to all of you...trying living in Seattle. We won't see the sun again 'til July 5 or so.

Tina Lynn

I'm there, too. Maybe it's something in the air, like the M. Night Shymalan movie where the plants release chemicals that make people want to end their lives. I would definitely try out the chocolate idea. Couldn't hurt, right?


cabin fever???


I can relate. Sometimes I'm feeling totally blocked. Other times, I get a great, fully-formed idea (even entire conversations) for characters; the catch is, it's the middle of the night, I'm half asleep, and too lazy to get out of bed to jot it down. I vow to myself I'm going to remember as I drift back to sleep.

Of course, I almost never do. Frustrating!

Natalie L. Sin

Some days just aren't made for the muse. Go watch some movies and don't worry about it : )

Lindsey Himmler

It is beyond miserable here. I just want to sit in a hot bath and drink tea and read heavy, heavy books. I need a beach house.

Julie Dao

I hear ya. I think it must be the weather.. a 30-degree day in mid October isn't really conducive to anything more than huddling in a blanket, let alone write. Good luck, hope those flowers and chocolates work!

Justus M. Bowman

Who can say for sure whether laziness or foul weather is at work upon you? There's no doubt that it could be the weather, but is it? Hmm?!

Honestly, long ago dark weather pleased me, but now my pale and ancient skin begs for kisses from the sun. Curse this incessant rain!

Drama ends.

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