Muerte y Candy.

Ghouls and other of my family and friends shall try to have fun tonight. I hope you do too. Whether you have kiddies or not, today is one of those days when we can all go out and celebrate. Unless you are a Jehova's witness or stict Mormon. If so, sorry dude, what a drag. 

That reminds me, evidently the Hallows eve par-tea, is a westerner thing. Over the distant mysterious lands if Japan, it is not the norm to gather up all the children in a case of nationwide sugar-rush. Who knew? 

Anyway, I haven't had much time in the past two weeks for my literary exploits, but I did do some editing. It feels good to be making progress. 

All right peeps, I must get ready to begin the candy overdose (and ensuing tummy aches) that is scheduled for today. Go scare somebody, or get scared, or get candy, or go get some. 

Just go... 

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Tina Lynn

Is that anything like Sex and Candy?


I'm always scared...that somebody will see right through me...

Natalie L. Sin

It's not the norm in Hong Kong either, though it is becoming more popular to dress up for the occasion and have parties.

Amber Tidd Murphy

Haha, Tina Lynn... I thought the same thing.

Sexo y dulce.

Who's that loungin' in my bed?

Tina Lynn

I knew you would totally get it, Amber:)


I think I ate too much candy.

Interesting blog you have here.


Halloween is one American export that people might actually like.

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