I know that we are all seasoned character builders and personality developers. We are, go ahead, try to argue against me. No? I didn’t think so. Well, since that’s already been established, I am going to teach you a lesson. Yes, you, oh master of characterization. Here is an example of how a character can be so well out of “character” and still ring absolutely true to the person:

Boy: (6 y/o): “Ugh, I hate that.”
Male CareTaker (30 y/o): “What’s that kiddo?”
Boy: “That, that show.”
MCT: “Why?”
“Because it’s full of girl stuff. I hate girls.”
“You can’t hate girls, kiddo.”
“But I do.”
“What are you gonna do when you grow up then? Marry a Boy?”
“Ugh. I said, I hate girls. NOT women.” Boy rolls eyes.

Not in a million years did I see that coming from a six year old, yet in hindsight, it is a totally appropriate response from THIS six year old boy. Needles to say, I lost my shit when he said it and could no longer remain in the room with a straight face. It was a few hours later that I was able to rationalize and see how it could be applied to my writing. As it turns out, I was handed a gem of a character trait, from a 6 year old. Awesome.


L. Diane Wolfe

That IS funny! Kids say the darndest things.

Thanks for following my blog!


That was awesome.

Jon Paul

That's rock solid, boy.

Lindsey Himmler

I feel the same way about boys and men!


Logical from a kid point of view.


Hilarious! That is good insight on characters. It's funny how we can find it everywhere ;o)

Natalie L. Sin

He has a point: girly shows do suck.

Jonathon Arntson

Children are the best inspiration. My nieces and nephews are so different and varied in the way they carry themselves that it is quite interesting to watch each of them hit life milestones, There are eight of them, from fourteen to nine months, with less than two years between each one.

Amber Tidd Murphy

Your son is so much cooler than you. ;)


I miss being around little kids. They say such great things.

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST

Yes ... women are so obviously great. lol

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