Sufferin' Subterfuge!

Where in the hell is time going? I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but my job is getting in the way of my love *sigh*.

No MS progress, still. I do have to give a special thanks to my beta readers, who have taken the time to look over, enjoy and suggest on my WIP. I thank you all and really do appreciate you.

Also, I need to post about my New Orleans trip while I still feel the crawfish heartburn rolling in my insides. Yeah, its gonna be like that! ;)

best wishes to you all, and hope to catch up soon.



Sigh. My job always gets in the way of my love too.



Why is that we have to have day jobs . . . oh yeah the whole money and bills thing.


Day jobs are the pits! I hope you can get to what you love again soon :o)


Except for the money they provide, days jobs bite the big one. We all should have been born with enormous trust funds. Well, I should have been so born. Hope you can get back to writing soon.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith

I can't wait to hear about New Orleans!

The day job? Don't get me started on that one!

Do find a little time to write, there has to be the brightside of everyday. Sometimes, I just make time to re-read a section, if I can't find a spare minute to write.

I like the trust fund idea I must speak to my parent's about that - I feel it might be a little belated!

Natalie L. Sin

Mmm, crawfish : )

Tina Lynn

THERE YOU ARE! Missed you. Glad you're back. And ditto on the day job. Mine sucks all my time, too. Or maybe, it just sucks.

Amber Tidd Murphy

I have been meaning to give you a facebook shout out (or just plain shout) for days now.

Was starting to wonder if the killer got to you and had left me a cryptic message...


work does interfere with living...


It's so hard to juggle everything, but I'm trying.

Michele Emrath

I was wondering where you were...Life DOES get in the way!



I hope you can get to what you love again soon

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Marsha Sigman

Hey JM! The last time I ate hot, spicy crawfish and had a few two many beers...I should have done a better job washing my hands before taking my contacts out. Nothing is more sobering than spicy sauce in your eye.

I hope you had a good time...and you washed your hands.

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