You Like to Write? No Kiddin'

I’m damn near certain that I am going to piss off some people here and even lose some followers, but I feel this must be said (or written, rather).
I am a blogger, but more than that, I am a reader. I thoroughly enjoy learning what others in the blogsphere are thinking and committing to the internet. That said, I can tell you that on most occasions, I get turned off by the overly lengthy posts. I understand that sometimes we go off on rants, and our fingers take over our reason and pound away paragraph after paragraph. I know I’ve been guilty of that as much as anybody else.

However, I have a feeling that I am not alone in seeing these daunting reads, and either skimming through them, or skipping them all together. There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, my severe ADD. But there is also the fact that I have several (well over 100) blogs that I follow and try to read at least every other day. If I have to spend 15 to 20 minutes reading just one post, I just don’t have enough time in the day to read them all. Its shame, I know. I’m an ass, I know that too, but some things just need to be said.

I try to keep my posting to no more than three (maybe four) paragraphs. Something that can be read in under three minutes. I’m sure there is a lot of good information in those long posts, but it’s probably been lost on me. Another thing, I don’t read excerpts of unpublished novels. And I always advise against posting them. For once, they tend to be long, and for twice, every agent blog I’ve read says DON’T DO IT. What do you all think? You like and read all the long posts? Or prefer the short and sweet ones?

NOTE: By long I mean the ones that have more than 6 paragraphs, or more than 1000 words.



I'm with you on long posts. Although, I'm just as guilty often enough.

I've never posted an excerpt, but I have thought about it. One reason I haven't is because I fear your wrath.

Jm Diaz

Oh, I'm guilty as well. I try not to, but it happens. And I do get drawn into long posts as well. Ocassionally.

I've also posted excerpts in the past, but removed them since. I never knew how much agents hated that. However, my wrath MUST be feared... muaaahahaha... I have the most Snarktastic comments. Muahahaha.

Valerie Geary

All right. That's it. I'm out of here. . . . Nah. I think you're right on. For the longer posts I usually read the first paragraph and if it's interesting, I'll spend time with the rest of it. Otherwise... skim skim skim. And excerpts... I used to do that when it was only friends/family/people-I-knew who read my blog. Now... not so much.


I stopped after the second paragraph... naw, I read the whole thing, but I too prefer short rants and tidbits. Occasionally, a larger post is okay but continually lengthy post just shut my brain down.

AND over 100 blogs! I'm overwhelmed with 40.


I just wrote on my pet-peeves about blogs today (sadly I think that post was more than four paragraphs, but it was one of those rants).

For me, the length I'll read depends on the content. If it's a blog I read for say, short stories, I'm willing to invest more time. But I refuse to read even four paragraphs about someone's trip to the grocery store.

So I think I'm with Valerie. I'll read a bit, and if I'm hooked I stick around. If not...

L. Diane Wolfe

I'm all about the short posts! My Friday blog is usually the longest, but it's a bunch of book info links, a movie or music review, and a photo. And I have been featuring excerpts every Thursday (and am about to scale back on that practice) but I always tell the author - your excerpt, bio, synopsis, and web links must come in under 1000 TOTAL! Or no one will read it...

Gosh, I think I follow close to 200 blogs...

Natalie L. Sin

It all depends on what the person is saying. Sometimes I have to make the font bigger, though!


Short and sweet. Always!


Judith Mercado

I agree. Now I have to work on my post scheduled for a couple weeks from now which is turning into a heavy book. Maybe I'll break it up into several posts. Ah, and none of us get paid for all this writing and reading, do we?

Amber Tidd Murphy

I would read your posts regardless of length, but that's only because I cyber-stalk you.

Tina Lynn

It's like we share a brain! I've been thinking this for awhile. I always try to keep mine short. Sometimes, super short. I just hope and wish for the same from others, but it doesn't always go my way.


I'm guilty of long posts, and I try to shorten them when I can, but I am with you on not liking the lengthy ones, though today mine is a bit long!!! Oops suppose I'll have to work on that!


The good thing is that each blog is so different and the personalities writing the posts are unique. I personally agree that a very long post is time consuming and it is a rare post that is so interesting or entertaining that I will take the time to read a long post. You see, I am more a reader than a writer.

Unknown Mami

Short and sweet! If it is a long post it better be unbelievably good.


I'm all for quality not quantity.

If something's long and it works for me, I'm happy to take my time with it. I hate trawling through blogs as though I'm reading a copy of the Women's Weekly or that great Australian magazine 'No Idea' in the doctor's surgery.

I read to find meaning and depth. Otherwise it's in and out almost instantly and I learn nothing.

I should stop now at the risk of offending.

But one last question: Why do we blog? For quantity, numbers clocked up like notches on a belt, or for meaningful relationships, however virtual.

If it's the latter then we need at times to take our time, both in the reading and the writing. Otherwise, what's the point?

Girl with One Eye

I too have been guilty of the long post and decided it's just crap. Long post lose me, so my long post must lose my audience. I've cut back lately and I know I'm happier and I would bet my followers too. I don't have the time or the inclination to read long posts, so I skip or skim.


All good points. If we use a short post to open up lines of discussion, that's a good thing too. Interactive is almost always better.


Totally agree, on post length and unpublished novel excerpts.

Unfortunately, I tend to write long posts!! I'll try to stop; my own long-winded bad habit.

Corra :)

from the desk of a writer


I'll read a long post if it grabs me in the first couple of sentences.If it's whining, whinging,grumbling of the victim sort I loose interest.Don't mind the occassional heart-felt vent from a loyal follower I follow.
Don't go for navel-gazing, self-satisfation and self-congratulation either.
And I do like humour, reality and something thought-provoking or extending.
So short answer is I'm with you.

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