'Tis the frakking season..

Merry New Years, and Happy Christmas, and all that jazz.

I do hope that you all have had chance to work and make some progress on your various WIP’s. I know I have not. Not at all. I’ve been a lazy movie watching, wii playing, procrastinator (on my time off). I’m about to go on vacation, and I’m not seeing much work done over those days either. Maybe some, but I’m not prioritizing it.

I’m giving time to the things that had been falling by the wayside: Playing video games with my kids, lounging around with the wife, and trying to get all Christmassy. I will say that it is hard trying to convince two boys that a cackling old man that should be on weight watchers, whom has the overseeing habits of a peeping Tom, and also enjoys having little children on his lap is the kind of person they need to please. Seriously, all run on sentences aside, how am I supposed to sell THAT? If it were anybody other than Santa, we’d be hearing all about in on Court TV. Forgive me, TRUE TV now.

In any case, enjoy your spiked eggnog and that drunk uncle everybody wants to pretend (and wish) he didn’t keep showing up every year. Have fun seeing all those people that told you “you need to grow up,” and give them money (just because you have more than them now) while affirming that you decided it was best not to grow up. Oh, and above all be Merry, or Mary, or whatever your cross-dressing preferences are.

Ho, ho, ho

PS. I forgot to mention the sign I saw the other day. it read: "Jesus: the reason for the season". Is that who I have to blame? I'd like to have a word with him, please.


Jill Kemerer

The only thing I've been productive at is eating Christmas treats. Glad I'm not the only one!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Valerie Geary

Well when you put it that way... Santa is creepy. And Jesus is way too materialistic for my tastes! But oh well. Merry Christmas anyway. :)


I haven't been as productive as I should, but lately I've been somewhat productive. So that's something.

I'm glad you cleared up that you were talking about Santa. I was starting to think I should notify the Atlanta PD.

Merry Christmas.

Amber Tidd Murphy

Wow! You hit 100 followers. That is quite an accomplishment.

I always wondered what was up when I sat on Santa's lap. Is that a candy cane in your pocket, Santa... or are you just happy to see me?


I've been the opposite, less time with the family, more time with the manuscript. Eeep. Am, I due for a visit from the ghosts of Christmas for my lack of holiday cheer?

Don't get me wrong. I love the holidays. I'm just not into the spirit this year. Perhaps I just need another glass of eggnog.

Happy Christmas to you and yours and have a very fun and safe New Year.

Jm Diaz

@Jill, you are Def not alone.

@Matt, I think you should call APD. Santa scares me. Especially the mall Santa.

@Amber: I know! Yay.. 100...Oh, he was happy to see you. Have no doubt!

@Quixi: I have ZERO holiday cheer.. I'm still waiting for my xmas ghost to show up. I have a few words for them.

Jm Diaz

@Val: Thye converted Jesus into the one thing he hated (according to his book). A market.

Christ! Is it bad to use his name, when referring to himself?

Natalie L. Sin

Grow up?? Pfft : P

Bethany Wiggins

Have a great Christmas!!! And put that wii down and get to writing!!! The world awaits your book.


Lol, freaking hilarious. Yeah, I'm not big on the Santa thing either... I just feel dirty telling my kids about some fake guy who gives them presents, then I work my butt off all week, every week so I can buy all those gifts that he gets all the credit for... ugh, what gives.

But Jesus is the reason for the season indeed, but NOT the reason for the santa crap lol. I'm pretty sure Jesus would like to have a word with santa ;p

Roni @ FictionGroupie

lol, Santa is creepy, no wonder all the littlest kids cry when they have to sit on his lap--they sense danger like dogs. Have a great holiday!

Judith Mercado



Have a bodacious Festivus and air some grievances!

Jm Diaz

Indeed. Merry festivous to you all. I'm getting my aluminum wrapped dead tree up as I type!
No, not really. But I do wish you all a happy weekend.


It's impossible to get any writing done with Jesus looking over my shoulder all the time.

Have a nice holiday!


The is an award for you at KatieGrr :)

Ana Márquez

I wish you that in 2010 you’ll live sweet and lovely moments.
Happy new year, with the time in your arms :-)

A million of kiss

Ana Márquez

Cyrus Rumi

Happy New Year!!!


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