Monday. New week, new opportunity to make it a good one. New chance to start out right. And It’s already fracking blown!
On the other side, I did win the contest over at Quixotic’s blog. So, yay for me…. Totally padding myself on the back here. Even though my triumph had nothing to do with skill, but rather luck of the draw. I still win, and the rest didn’t. Nada-nada…



When I first read this, I thought you'd written, "Monday, NEW YORK, new opportunity..." and I thought to myself, Good for Jm, he's taking this thing to a new level, stalking agents in person! Congrats on your Quixotic win.

Jm Diaz

I'm not beneath in face to face stalking... or face to closed door\security guard stalking... but I'm not there yet.
I'm still getting my butt kicked by the query letter. Never mind the damn synopsis.

Tina Lynn

Did you tell us how it was fracking blown? I'm lost.

Jm Diaz

I did not tell you. I feel if I start down that road, my boss, a colleague or perhaps even my mother my read my tirade and then I'll be fired and\or disowned.

V. S

I have never liked Mondays and I am sure I never will, but congrats on you win!

Amber Tidd Murphy

What did you win? I'm jealous, I never win blog contests. It sucks when your last name is Murphy, and you are thus bound by Murphy's Law.

Lindsey Himmler

Hey, take what you can get!!

Lynnette Labelle

LOL Congrats!

Lynnette Labelle

Sierra Godfrey

Hey JM you have an award at my blog.

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