All Over Again: Starting Anew

Short post, because - contrary to popular belief - I am writing. I've started working on my new novel. I've put MEND, it's queries and evil, EVIL, synopsis to rest for a bit. Let it marinate, if you will. I'll pick it up again later, and decide if \ when I'll start querying for it.

Meantime, I am writing. I've started with the character profiles and thus far I am very pleased with the people I will be spending the next few months (years?) with. They're an amalgamation of my family and friends. The story will take place partially in my beloved Atlanta, but mostly in the place my family came from.

I wish you all best of luck with your various WIPs and I'll keep you posted of the frustrations and elations of writing this new book. Chat soon kiddies.


Natalie L. Sin

Enjoy your characters, I know I enjoy mine! ; )


Have fun! I considered starting a new work, but I just couldn't fathom beginning another novel just yet. I'll just have to keep editing and see when new characters fall into my lap (or wrench themselves from my mind).

Jm Diaz

It's exiting. I've spent the last two years on "Mend". Starting this new feels more like fun, less like work. Ask me again in a few months how I feel though. ;)

Theresa Milstein

Good luck with your new WIP. I love beginning a manuscript because the possibilities are exciting.

Sierra Godfrey

yes! YES! YES YES YES! i am so pleased for you. Putting aside MEND will help gain perspective, even if it turns out that it's perfect as is right now. So exciting.

Revisionland is kind of hellish, isn't it.

Amber Tidd Murphy

Wrote a comment. I think the internets ate it.

It said something liike: I'm sad that you aren't going to actively query MEND yet, because I love that book.

However, I'm glad you're writing!


Querying sucks the very marrow from your bones. You need to replenish. Alas, the Red Cross doesn't do blood transfusions for weary, anemic writers.

Good luck. I hope your new book treats you well.


sarahjayne smythe

Good luck with the new WIP. Beginnings are great things. Enjoy it. :)


Sounds great. You've inspired me to get busy writing.

The Alliterative Allomorph

Wow you sound really patient. I could never just let something sit and marinate. I want everything done now, finish and perfect ... that's probably my downfall ... hmm

Judith Mercado

Good luck with your new WIP. I've just resurrected two old ms and I'm simply amazed at how much there was to improve. Maybe querying them this time will be the charm?

L. Diane Wolfe

Happy writing! I always begin with character profiles as well.

Missed Periods

Spending the next few years in your head with an amalgamation of your friends and family = why I write non-fiction.

I'm kidding. It sounds very exciting. Happy writing!

T.J. Carson

Good luck!!! I just learned the ART of putting my writing/querying aside to refresh, maybe add some "Sweet Surrender" (smells like fruitloops! My fave!) BAN Deodorant to it after working up such a sweat on the stupid thing. It's hard, you get ants in your pants... fire ants but it pays off to refresh yourself.

AND I LOVE CHARACTER profiles. I usually create them in a powerpoint (one character per slide, w/ pics and all).

How do you create your characters and develop/display them?

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