Kill me, Because I'm Dying.

When I die and I am to be interred
I want it to be with one of your pictures
So that I’m not frightened down there
So that I don’t forget your face
So that I can imagine I’m with you
And feel a little bit alive

When I die and I have to be interred
I want it to be in flowers and not stones
So that I can give them to you
So that I am not eternally distant
So that I can give a thousand stars
And feel little bit alive
With your face by my side.

I can't take credit for the above. I just thought I'd share these lyrics by Samuel Hernandez.These are amongst my favorite, though some of the soul behind them might have been lost in translation.


Michele Emrath

A bit morbid, but romantic nonetheless.


sarahjayne smythe

Those words are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

Amber Tidd Murphy

i love this. i'll admit, i thought it was your work when i first starting reading it.

i think it is a beautiful, beautiful poem. i want to write it out on notebook paper in neat handwriting and start at it all night. :)

Tina Lynn


The English Writer

Thanks for sharing that. I am very much a lyrics person, and totally believe words are open to interpretation. Cheers, K

Wendy Sparrow

Those are amazing and capture a part of some of our psyche that just doesn't go into words willingly. I love it.


Just goes to show we're all a little... (what's the word I'm think of :)

Robert Guthrie

On the poem - I'm now quiet & reflective.
On Chuck Norris - are you familiar w/Dede Crane's YA novel"Poster Boy"? It's a thing that some of the characters love CN jokes.


Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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