Thrown at The Shark

I have thrown myself at the shark. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions on my query. Let’s see if the shark takes the bait, and rips my little prose love to shreds. I hope. If I’m gonna get ripped apart, let it be done as fabulously as only the Shark can.

In other news, spring is here. If you’ve been hiding under a rock (with your laptop, albeit) then you’ve been missing out on some fantastic weather. Not that it’s without its mandatory douchebags, but one must take the good with the bad, and the idiotic. For example, why are you walking around in your bikini top with ripped jeans and flip flops? It’s spring, not pool-side summer, idiot. You may think you’re hot, you’re momma may think you are pretty, but that’s where the kind thoughts end. And to Mr. Badass who insists on wearing the wife beater tank top just so you can show off your scabbing shoulder tattoo, let me tell you sir, you are an ass, ass!

Regardless, the sun is out, and while the morons are out too, I still find it to be an opportune time to peel away from the keyboard and soak up some golden rays. Even if I have to stare (and I do stare) at your God’s evidence that he does, in fact, have a sense of humor.



Haha. I tore myself away from my computer for a few minutes to soak up some sun today. Happy spring to you :)

Carolina Valdez Miller

Oh, happy spring to you! Scabbing tattoos and all ;)

Congrats on submitting your query to the Shark. It takes serious steel to put yourself out there like that.

Tina Lynn

*puts on a shirt* Dude, it was ninety degrees! I seriously can't hang out in my cut-off jean shorts, flip-flops, and bikini top. Geez. *trudges away sadly*


JM, let us know if the shark picks your revised query for posting. I'd love to read it again.

Matt Ryan

JM -

I think I look great in my man-kini, so back off.

You might want to also try Evil Editor. I submitted to the Shark and it never got posted. I think she gets a ton of submissions. At Evil Editor, it was just a week or so before he posted my query with comments. The community there is great; numerous writers chimed in with their feedback as well.

Best of luck!


Good luck with Miss Janet.


Good luck with the query. I haven't had the chance to submit one to her (not sure I'd have the guts!).

BTW, don't think I told you how much I dig the layout of your blog. Simply awesome!


We are of like minds. People continue to fascinate and repulse me.

Lola Sharp

Happy Spring indeed!
We hit 80 today in NJ. EIGHTY. In New Jersey. Home of the Mandatory Douchebags. And the Idiots. And men wearing wifebeaters. The 'upscale' wearers of said wifebeaters only show off their scabby tattoos, maybe some cheesy muscles. The truly vile wear the theirs with their thick carpet of back hair billowing from the yellowing fabric. And they smell like deli meats.

Those bikini top girls and their shorts? Their tramp stamp tat on their backside, muffin-topping over those shorts? They're spray tanned to a full oompa-loompa-orange. I won't get into their hair or fingernails, because-- oops, I just went on a rant. Sorry.

The sunshine is glorious! I'll take all of the above, and the other heinous offenses that abound, all for this dreamy weather. The trees are blooming, the grass is lush and green.

You, sir, are very brave. Janet in shark-mode is ruthless. I love her, but she's bloodthirsty. Warning, you may have a long wait.


Elaine AM Smith

We had rain without rainbows. There wasn't a single crop top to be seen in the biting wind either.
I wish you good luck with your revised Query - you need savaging sauce, instead of sunscreen. :)

sarahjayne smythe

Good luck with the shark and congrats on the weather. It's still cold and raining here, so I'm not seeing any of the half-naked folk running around. :)

And I wanted to let you know I'm over here following you now. :)

Christi Goddard

Don't fret the shark too much. I was number 148. She thinks we're brave, but we're really just begging for help from whoever will give it. :-)

Michele Emrath

I haven't been by in a while, and didn't realize how much I missed your blog! Glad you finally bit the bullet and sent off your queries. Way to go!

I published a folo to yesterday's Crime in Literature post...I think you'll find it interesting...or not. We'll see. Either way, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. It was good to hear from you again!


Jm Diaz

Thank you all for the comments. I'll be visiting your blogs here in a bit, and Matt, Thanks! I can't take credit for the layout though.. I got it from http://www.bloggertemplatesdaily.com/

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