Books 4 Beer!

This weekend was the Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, GA. A fabulous gathering of booksellers, authors, and readers to which I could not help but smile at. Not to say that the event was without the token redneck, or gratuitous drunk, but it was still fun nonetheless. Literary event or not, this is still Georgia we are talking about.
Regrets: I missed Lee Child's appearance.
That's it, nothing else. Oh, except maybe that its only a weekend, and and not a whole week long festival. Then again, that would probably displace the beer festival coming up in a few weeks.
But I digress. The DBF is one of those events, that to the avid reader and writer, provide an unparalleled opportunity to meet with independent booksellers, authors, and acquire large quantities of reading material for damn near nothing. Seriously, where else can you walk away with eight (8) books in exchange for one (1) beer. Huh? Beat that Amazon!
It happens once a year, but if anybody would be interested, I can keep you posted for next year's end of summer event. Are there any other book fairs or writers conferences worth attending out there later this year? I'd love to know.



Sounds like a great deal. As the Bowling for Soup song says "Hooray for Beer" (and cheap books)

Jm Diaz

Hooray indeed!

Stephanie Faris

Sounds exciting. I love all the RWA chapter conferences, although I haven't been in a while.

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