Gooaaaaalllll....... Changed.

Thanks to Marsha's Musing's, I have set myself a new goal: To have this novel done by October 30th. That’s right folks you heard it here first! Not that I have CNN and Fox news shoving Oprah out of the way to learn this information, but it’s there anyway.
I am 65,000 words in. I feel pretty good that I can get it done. The story is laid out, I’m just tweaking at this point. So, after I close this laptop tonight, I will get my I.V. drip ready and shove into the trunk of my car. Tomorrow morning as I take some time to write, I will walk into my usual Starbucks and boldly declare: “Plug me in Christie.” And she – having always wanting to inflict some kind of pain on me – will eagerly jab that hypodermic needle in my arm and proceed to pour down espresso shots into my fluids bag, letting it nourish me intravenously. That’s not just a mere high-five moment (it may tear the needle out of my arm causing some pain and excruciating sorrow at the loss of espresso), but rather an absolute “Hell Yeah!” moment. Fierce, creative keyboard pounding ensues.
Can you smell that awesome? I can.

What about you? Have you given your project an end date?

**All names and places mentioned are totally not a work of fiction, and only by coincidence, would somebody think they are.



That was awesome!


yikes. caffeine overdose coming up... good luck and happy writing! as for end dates... what's that?

Tina Lynn

I prefer the consistency method. At least a hundred words a day, every day. Deadlines are a stress I will leave for the happy days of when I sell a manuscript:)

Natalie L. Sin

No end date. I wrote the rough draft during last years NaNo, now I just have to whip it into (longer) shape!

Jm Diaz

Good Lord, and thought I was loosing sleep... You all must be in worse shape than me this morning... Then again, I did get awaken at 4am by a support call.
Anyway, I;m just kidding. I'm not going to OD on caffeine. My tolerance is too high ;)

I'm usually not a fan of deadlines, however I know that if I keep revising, I'm never going to feel this thing is done. I'll hope its as good as I can get it.
Tina, how is the consistency method working out for you?
Shadow and Natalie, thanks for stopping by. I'll be stalking your blogs later in the day ;)

L. T. Host

Hi Jm! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog yesterday :)

I finally was going through my MS one day about a week ago and realized hey, I can't find anything else to fix. That's when I decided to start querying. I think it will come to you, maybe even before October 30! But it's hard to know when to stop, for certain.

Regina Milton

Good luck on this goal date. I set one too that I remembered upon reading Marsha's post. We'll see how December 11th works out.


What I discovered was that writing on the downslope -- i.e., the second half -- went a lot faster than the upslope.


Hey, look at that -- I was finally able to post!

Jm Diaz

YAY for no more technical difficulties.
Thank you all for your comments... Really!


Good luck with the goal. I'm done with my current WIP and am in the critique group stage, but I hope to get it ready for submission by November.

Btw, I did a post on prologues today. Feel free to go defend your viewpoint. :)


Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Always fun to find another writer. I'm currently working on a retro-futuristic fantasy novel. I wish I had an end date in mind...but as I'm only just beginning to plot, I haven't the slightest idea. All I know is I want all the plotting and background done by the end of October, so I can hit Nanowrimo with a vengeance.

June Saville

I'm happy that you've set an end date for your book. I feel sure you'll make it. But I dare you not to touch it ever again. To me, tweaking a piece of fiction is the best bit and the more tweaking the better. It's fun and if you overdo things you can always go back to an earlier version ...
June in Oz

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