Indecisions, in decisions

I have reached an impasse in my novel. I have what I believe to be a good story, yet last night a new thought occurred to me. Granted, it came from the period when one is asleep, yet somewhat aware of the immediate surroundings. The noises of owls cooing outside, crickets stringing their legs together, and thoughts… Thoughts dancing wildly in the brain.
Should I plow forward with what I have? Or, stop, drop and roll… To the beginning and make the modifications to the story that invaded my thoughts at dawn? I could hold off the idea for the next novel… Oh, what WWJMD? (What Will JM Do) ;)



Well, since I just started a completely from-scratch rewrite, I'd say go with your new idea. I think you evolve while you're writing, and so does your story. So your newer ideas are probably better than your original ones. At least, that's the assumption I'm working on.

I really hope it's right.


P.S. - love the new site design! Really cool!

Tina Lynn

It never hurts to have more than one project going at once. I myself have about 7 or 8. But if you truly believe that you need to apply these new ideas to the novel that you are working on now, I would strongly suggest making the changes now. These changes may take your story in a completely different direction. You don't want have to do massive rewrites when it is complete. That would suck!

Jm Diaz

I'm going with the new idea.. after realizing that I had been guilty of the PPP (present Participial Phrases)crime in writing, I am finding myself having to restart my editing firm the ground up, with a fresh eye. As I do this, I will work in the new idea.. Thanks!

Oh, and TL, I'm glad you like the site :)

Stephanie Faris

I think you have to go with your instincts but if you feel the changes would make your story more powerful, I say do it!


I love the ideas that come right before or after sleep. Those are some of my most creative moments!

~ Tabitha ~

Stop,drop and roll,if you've got the time.
It may offer something you need to add to
your work.AFter all,isn't writing all about
rewriting? BTW-I love owls ;)
Keep us posted,

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