The Malefaction of Doubt

For the record, I am not an Atheist. I am however an Agnostic, that leans heavily toward Atheism. I admit that there are things that we simply do not understand, and have no way of understanding, yet. I believe in all likelihood, all religions got it wrong, and it is in this sprit that we should continue to investigate and explore instead of feeling complacent with what we "know" as a species.

I think however, that the probability scale leans closer to a non-God universe (or multiverse as science now proclaims). But that doesn't mean we should stop looking for a creation force, let it be astronomical or quantum. Perhaps Stephen Hawkins is right in trying to hammer out the unified theory, but we will see. In my opinion, it all comes down to doubt. The fear that doubt strings along with it, pulling at our most primitive instincts, is comparable to that unexplained fear of the dark most people are born with. It’s not the dark in itself is frightening, it’s the not knowing what could be there. All belief systems, including Atheism, claim to have the answers. They KNOW that everybody is wrong and use either faith or empirical evidence as their ammunition, throwing around beliefs as an ultimate axiom. I’ll give science one thing though, they are quick to admit they were wrong when a new idea or theory can be proven. Though it is difficult to introduce a new idea in science, it is not impossible to so, as I’ve learned from religion. In my experience, any new idea or thought in religion results in the birth of a whole new theology, rather than a correction to the old one. Correct me if I am wrong. I’d love nothing more than to be mistaken here.

But that was not what I wanted to address with the previous post. The previous post was spawned from my irritation at the not-so-subtle inequality of our country. If Jesus can get a billboard, why can’t Darwin or Dawkins? – And I don’t like Dawkins. He’s just another attention deprived ass hole.

I can’t finish this post without mentioning Amber Tidd Murphy’s suggestions. Those were pretty funny.

To conclude, a rhetorical question: Why, WHY, is it such taboo for an Atheist to promote his/her views? How can we live in a country where not believing in a God is worse than cheating on your wife, committing fraud, molesting children, or even being accused of rape? Why do we allow people like this to be our elected officials, but an Atheist is a just unimaginable? Go HERE to see what I’m talking about.



You know what else is taboo? Not committing to the Democrat or Republican parties. I've found myself attacked more often than not in regards to my political stance (which is neither Dem or Rep).

That I don't follow a specific religion is something that has not, thank God (LOL), become an issue. BTW, I'm like you, J.m. - agnostic with a lean towards atheist.

(If we refuse to say we're Catholic or Democrat, we seem ambiguous and peeps don't like ambiguity. They like answers. Hence the creation of organized religion.)

Jm Diaz

Oh dear heavens! The politics.. That's gonna set off another tirade! I can't choose between either party either... they both suck. Libertarians are looking pretty good though. Will keep an eye (no pun intended) open...

Natalie L. Sin

I don't get the stigma against Atheists. I'm a Buddhist, but I feel no compulsion to drag anyone over to "my" side.

Debra L Martin

Hi JM,

Religious and political affiliations are always fraught with controversy - nature of the beast.

La Jenno

Yeah, I honestly can't tell you how many times I've gotten the typical "you're going to Hell" speech because I don't really believe in a God/gods.

That's all fine and well since I don't believe in Hell, either.


Amber Tidd Murphy

Ah, shucks. Thanks for the shout out.


Brave post. I try to stay away from the whole religion issue. I'm a liberal agnostic living in TX, which means (unless you live in Austin) to just steer clear of religious and political conversations, lol. I am outnumbered and can't win. :)

D. D.


The biggest issue here as I see it, is most people are so afraid of anything other than what they were inculcated with as a child. To compensate for their own fear, people will strike out at anything and anyone that doesn't agree with their own preconceived notions.

My philosophy is, no matter what you may espouse, you'll know the truth when you pass off this mortal coil. :-)

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