The Writing Bug

Thanks to a posting by Marsha’s Musings, I was forced to think about when I started to really be a writer. I’ve been a writer since I fist put pen (or crayon) to paper in pre-k, forging stories, retelling situations and imagining scenarios. Regrettably, It is not something I pursued as actively as I would have liked to.

That said, the writing bug has been with me for as long as I can remember.

However, it hovered in dark closets, relegating itself to obscure binders of loose pages containing a myriad of thoughts and random regurgitation of feelings throughout middle and high school. It went into remission for a few years, but it was around age 25 that the bug bit me. It infected me, and it has been deemed to have caused lifelong lasting effects. That was 8 years ago, and the infection continues to spread.

I hope it never stops.

What about you? When did it start, and besides published, what kind of writer do you aspire to be?


Tina Lynn

I still remember sitting in my mom's Cutlass in the parking lot of her beauty salon daydreaming when I was fourteen. It was the first time it occurred to me to write it down instead of dream it and forget. Haven't stopped since then. I, too, have had brief hiatuses, but I always come back to it. This time is for good.

As for what kind of writer I want to be, my biggest goal is to transport people into my world well enough for them to forget about theirs.


...when writing essays was my favourite schoolwork, whilst the rest of everyone hated it. although i was frequently told to not write in poem form. seems few words have always held my attraction. thus... writing poetry is the answer...


I used to write as a kid, but had stopped when I realized I could sing. (At the time it was WAY cooler to sing than write). A couple years ago, I began writing again and I did it b/c I needed a hobby. The hobby has since taken over my life and I write at least 5 hours a day now.

I, like Tina, simply want to carry people into an alternate reality for a little while. That's all. If I do that through getting published, great. If not, at least I have my daydreams. ;-)

Justus M. Bowman

I believe writing began to interest me about the time I turned 24. That was nearly two years ago. I've taken a few breaks since then and lost a few battles, but I still want to tell stories.

Besides hoping to get my work published, I would like to be known as a writer who knows his stuff: I want my characters to have the same names, physical descriptions and habits in each of my books; I want to stay consistent when describing my world's terrain and atmosphere; I want people to read something in book eight and realize it was foreshadowed in book one.

L. T. Host

My story's actually pretty similar to yours. I just hit the re-bite though :)

The pale observer

As a kid I started to draw and it evolved in a strange way to writing. I realised there was a much bigger world I could capture with words...

I have written ever since. Poetry at first, then many many journals, then some articles and now my blog.

I definitely have a goal to write a semi-autobiographical novel about my life over the past 14 years as an expat in Ghana, West Africa.

Great blog by the way! Happy to have found it. I'll be back! :) I'm your newest follower as well!

Amber Tidd Murphy

I started to write for Young Authors in second grade. The story was called "Freddie the Baker" and my dad did the illustrations. I should query it to children's book agents. :)

I didn't realize that I loved to write until the sixth grade, when I wrote a poem called "My Thinking Place" about a waterfall in the woods... I still have the original copy on yellowed, wide-ruled notebook paper.


I started writing when I was a child, around the age of seven. I would just grab my journal and go hang out in our backyard and scribble away about stuff. I've never stopped writing; it's my therapy. I can't handle life, I think, without steaming off through writing. I get to make up people and have them act and be as I wish. I'm in command of their fates. Do you know how empowered that makes me feel? It's awesome!

I've never been published, but now I can say I'm published on my blog. And I'm happy to have gotten over my inhibitions and doubts. Starting a blog was one of the best decisions I ever made!

I'm a bit of a psychological writer, I think. I like to go inside my characters' minds, become them, a little. And, my characters and stories veer a bit toward the dark end of things. I love the darkness, the strangeness; it's wonderful!

What a great idea for a post, Jm! We all got to talk about ourselves. And who doesn't like to do that?

Elaine 'still writing' Smith

I wanted to be the person who made people and worlds out of words the moment black marks had meanings. I, seriously, think it was all Chicken Little's fault.

A Woman Made of Dust

I've been writing every since I was a little kid. After I had read all the books in the house and my mother refused to take me to the library, I found solace in creating a fantasy world that would take me as far away as possible from my actual life.

And the older I got, and as my vocabulary expanded and deeper thoughts other than the tastes of crayon came to mind, I drifted towards the dark nature of everything. The little boy next door who had the cutest smile but.... The friendly old lady who.... The freak occurrence of.... (you get the idea).

Though, I must admit, I rarely share anything I write! It's even hard for me to turn papers into my professors. It's never quite perfect enough for my harsh taste, so I have it all stored away for me to criticize when I have the free time. Bad habit, I know. But it's hard to break.



You have a gift over at my blog, stop by when you get a chance to pick it up. Award

Sierra Godfrey

Oh man, I have NEEDED to write since I was a kid. In high school I was forced to write out stories in notebooks, which I then forced my friends to read. I had to get it out. It has always been this way with me, but these days I apply pleasing structure to my stories.

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