Duty post

I had all these great ideas for a post today, but I've run out of time. Maybe if I look under this rock here, I'll find some extra time. So, this post is to satisfy my duty as a blogger and for once (yeah, once) bitch. I long for those days when time seemed to stretch on for hours, the concept of "waiting for ice cream" or "go to the park," TOMORROW was dreadfully distant. Tomorrow was like, in forever, or something.
Now I'm relegated to stretching my day, and the things I can get accomplished by typing them up on my iPhone, while trying (hoping) to get some sleep.
Maybe I'll hide under this here imaginary rock for a while.

Hasta maƱana, amigos.

Ps. Not that long ago, I caught my six year old staring at me through the rear view mirror of my car, while we drove on the highway. I felt his eyes, big giant chestnuts, scanning me until I finally asked, "what's up?". He proceeded to ask me a question which damn near made crash into the car next to me as I whipped my head around in astonishment and utter disbelief.
He said: "Papa, are all old people bald?"

awesome, eh? I just shaved my head a few months ago and now I'm in the old people category.
That's what I deal with.


Amber Tidd Murphy

I just googled "what to blog about." It's desperation time.

You are no longer "not unlike a loving mama bird?!"


you should get a 2-seater, then you won't get questions like that, heee heee heeeee

Judith Mercado

"Papa, are all old people bald?"

That's a great title for a story or an article! Maybe even a novel.


Are all old people bald. Love it I am asking my dad the same thing tonight Kate x

L. T. Host


Sounds like he takes after his father, though :)


Hey, Jim. Thanks for saying howdy on my blog about ghosts. Drop me an e-mail any time if you have specific questions occur to you as you are creating your own ghost.

Most of the actual encounters I have collected involve/d ghost experiences of loved ones and family members. The "stranger" ghost is a bit more rare, but they seem to be around too.

I don't get to my blog as often as I should these days but I have a goal now to post on the basic types of ghosts and I will do it... soonly, I hope.

Sierra Godfrey

My whippersnapper told me yesterday, "Don't drive like that" after I swerved around a huge minivan who had stopped for no apparent reason in the middle of the street.

It was a good reminder to slow down. An embarrassing reminder. My whippersnapper is only three!

~ Tabitha ~

Never worry about blogging out of obligation,JM
It'e best to blog when you're heart and mind are in it.That said,your kiddo story made me smile...
gotta love those things our kids come up with!

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