Oh Look, Another Amateur.

After this fantastic post by Fiction Groupie, that is precisely how I felt. These were items that I knew, I understood, I was even aware to avoid, yet did not. Oh, the shame! Read Fiction Groupie’s list, follow the blog, and revise your work. You will be glad, I know I am.

Go, do it!



Thanks for the plug! Glad you enjoyed the post. Sorry for inducing the night sweats. Believe me, I go through that every time I uncover a new rule. :)

Amber Tidd Murphy

The giggling girl covers her mouth. "What a fun blog," she says.

PPP's, dialogue tags, and overuse of alliteration are all on my ever-growing list of what not to do. But, I love alliteration. It's my dream drug.

I am now a FictionGroupie groupie.

Amber Tidd Murphy

p.s. It's kind of hard to post comments to your blog, so if I submitted that last one around four hundred times, sorry.

Jm Diaz

No worries on the posts. It came through once. I think I fixed the "issue" with the comment section. Hope it doesn't reoccur.

Frankie Diane Mallis

Hey JM! Thanks for coming by, love your blog!


Hi Jm, thanks for the posting to Fictiongroupie, her post was great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too, always good to meet other writers who appreciate libraries!

Marsha Sigman

Hey Jim! Stopped by to check out your blog, its great! Now I have to go revise my wip...thanks a lot.

A Woman Made of Dust

While I agree with the post, there are a few things I would suggest you throw out the window. For example, there is nothing I hate more than picking up a book and finding out it sounds the same as a handful of other books because they follow "the rules" to a T.

Some of the best writers are the ones that, when I read them, their style is new and unfamiliar, and I'm excited to learn more about their unique writing style (Joyce Carol Oates, for example).

However, my high school English teacher always told us that you have to know the rules before you can break them.


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