What is Facebook Etiquette?

Pondering upon the new way of making contacts and friends online, meeting people whom otherwise I probably would never have come in contact with, I’m curious about how to properly establish the digital relationship. This is not to be confused with my digital-porn relationship, that’s a whole different subject.

Friend request sent, friend request accepted, and now I have a new little face in my “friends” box and a new tick under the number of friends. Which is weird in itself. I don’t recall spending my childhood days keeping account in my brown leather journal of how many friends I had. It’s not like when Javier took my wallet and dunk it in the boys room toilet, I went into my little notebook and crossed him off my “number of friends” list, scratching out 28 to 27. That asshole.

Nevertheless, here we are. And now that I have accepted the friend request, do I go and start commenting on my new friend’s pictures and posts like we are long lost buddies? Notice, I don’t ask if it was acceptable to go through the pictures, because, let’s face it, that’s happening regardless. Those pictures, the personal info wall, and the “likes” are absorbed with such scrutiny it would make the cavity search guy at the airport jealous.

Or better yet, should I initiate with a humble “I Like” on their current status, to warm each other up to our presence in one anothers life? On the hand, one could just dive right in the middle of the action, not unlike Steven Seagal, jumping in the middle of bilingual super-stealth ninjas turned yakuza-mafiosos (with outstanding Armani suits and swords): Kicking ass, not caring about names, and never, ever, losing his cool as much as to flake off his hair gel. Hmmm, I often think about this. I don’t have to worry about gel anymore, but would love to know how you approach your new, never-shook-hands-with, friends.



Just wing it. They way I see it. People post things on their facebook or myspace, with the intention of everyone they "friend" seeing and commenting. So If I think I can ad something to the conversation, I do.


I've kept my facebook personal, so all my friends are people I know in "real life", not the blogosphere. However, I think the best way is probably to jump right in. Everyone is a comment whore, so they'll think it's awesome that you said something about their status or whatever.

David J Griffin

Hi Jm Diaz, I'm not a member of Facebook but seeing my wife's page it's not all that different from MySpace, which I am a member of.

A lot of it is: "please be my friend; please buy this or that, please comment on that; please read this/that"; which we all want as well, of course. All we can do is carve our modest spot of cyberspace and, to an extent, hope for luck and for the best, I reckon!


Hey--I see no reason not to comment cuz you may develop a cool friendship. We bloggers are used to putting ourselves out there, so commenting is a way to keep the conversation circulating. If people don't like it, oh well. No love lost, right?

Amber Tidd Murphy

I think it's actually less awkward with people you don't know... for instance, I recently updated my facebook status to "I think I'm getting divorced" after a four-in-the-morning argument with my husband of one year. I can't tell you how many concerned voicemails had piled up when I finally rolled out of bed the next morning. A hangover is even less fun when one has explaining to do.

I'm a facebook picture-stalker myself, and it's nice to "meet" you, too.

Jm Diaz

Awesome, thanks for the comments. I was totally being sarcastic, but still, interesting replies nonetheless :)


damned if i know. seems we get more friendly and 'nicer' with poeple there than we do with the people standing right next to us... i've just started on fb, but other than seeing pics of my family overseas, i wouldn't know what else to do with it. mmm, must be because i prefer blogging.


Haha. You're funny. Honestly, I don't except anybody I don't know. I'm a very paranoid chick so I look at friend request and laugh to myself when I see a stranger trying to friend request me. That was cute. Reject.

The few that I do except must expect that I'm def going to look at their pics and everything else and say...hmmm, everybody knows that if you don't indicate if you're interested in guys or girls that you're gay. haha. You're not fooling anybody.


I only comment on the Facebooks of acquaintances if I have something to say about their status, a photo they've posted, etc. If we enjoyed the same movie, they've posted a picture of somewhere I've been... something relevant. This seems to be the way they approach my Facebook, as well.


I'm not too shy about Facebook. I figure if I'm there they must not mind me looking/commenting. If they had issue, they wouldn't have added me as a friend.


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