The misfortune of disbelief: Atheism, the new gay?

In an age of tolerance, of love thy brother, and do onto others and all that jazz, it is sad that these sentiments only apply to those of like mindedness, or of like faithesness rather. I do not understand how plastering entire highways with “Jesus Saves”, “Jesus Still Loves you”, “God is the way,” or my personal favorite, “You know you lie, but God knows only truth,” is not only acceptable, but evidently necessary for a community to consider itself safe. However, let one person stand up and say “I’m sorry, I don’t believe you,” and the rage that ensues is equivalent with what I’d expect to see if had slapped their children, made out with their spouse and ran over their dog, while proceeding to trim the cat’s whiskers.

I’m not about to go all Richard Dawkins on you or anything. That guy is a dick (pun totally intended). I understand and respect the traditions, and don’t think there is a damned thing wrong with “In God we Trust,” or “One nation under God.” That’s all fine and dandy, but to equate not believing in God with Satanism is, simply put, ignorant. Atheists don’t believe in Satan, re-tard. In fact, one can argue that atheists are amongst the most peaceful people around (scratch the above mentioned dick off that list). When was the last time you heard of an Atheist extremist blowing somebody up, or an Atheist crusade to recover the empirical land? Atheists tend to be well read people, informed, and open to discussion. There are always the bad sheep that go around insulting people for their beliefs, but they are a different kind of Atheist, commonly referred to as the Douche bag Atheists.

Speaking of asinine non-believers, I am constantly aggravated by the trendy faithless. When did Atheism become the new gay? When did denouncing beliefs loud and proud turn into a cache currency? Belief in what you hold dearest is sacred, let it be you pray to Jesus, Moses, Ala, Buddha, or Darwin (yes, all atheists pray to Dr. Charles, didn’t you know?). We hold candlelight vigils to little plastic fishies with legs before stamping them on the back of our cars.

But I digress.

But not really. Belief, no matter what it is, should be respected so far as no other person is being harmed for it. If there a people that need a God or a church system to get them to be compassionate toward their neighbor, and help the community, then so be it. More power to you. Some of us do all that, and still don’t need to believe in your theology.

So tell me, how would you react if you saw advertisements promoting Atheism in your neighborhood, your TV, your radio? And what about Agnostics? Oh, I can write a whole other tirade on the Agnostics, so perhaps I will, later.


Tina Lynn

My favorite is, "Beat the heat, Get saved!" It's a summertime favorite of mine:)

Regina Milton

I have to say I agree with you...as a Christian. I think that it is important to not stomp all over someone's beliefs. It hurts me when I see "Christians" acting in a manner that does not line up with the Bible at all. Jesus never acted like that. I don't have to see the world the same as my neighbor to care about their well-being or to love them. We have a few (okay...more than a few)"bad apple" Christians, just like there are a few bad apple Atheist or anything else. I'm sorry for all your bad experiences...


Everyone is an atheist when it comes to religions other than their own.

Amber Tidd Murphy

Hmm. I have much to say. I used to be a big time Christian, way back when I was a teenager. One day, something inside me could no longer rectify my faith with my head. How can "we" as Christians profess an unyielding belief in the bible, yet denounce everything else that also claims to be the inspired word of God... like, I don't know, the book of morman, for instance? (South Park just started. *singing * "Joseph Smith was a prophet..." ) Anyway.

I have a very difficult time debating religion with Christians, whose basis for any argument comes down to their interpretation of the good book.

Agnostics are my favorite people -- open to all the possibilities. I've also recently enjoyed reading about "positive Atheism."

However, I don't think it's really that trendy to non-believe, is it?! I mean, I'm not looking for an atheist to take me shoe shopping...yet.

Here are the adverts I'd want to see. (I'm thinking billboards.)

1.) What if GOD is only Santa Claus for grown-ups?

2.) Don't fear, the end is not near.

3.) The Big Bang Theory is not just a show on television.

Thank you, thank you, I'm here all night. ;)


I think this calls for a post of my own!


I couldn't help it. You hit a nerve, JM!!


Just at a glance, we seem to have had a few similar postings! I notice something about steven seagal here as well...:)

To be honest, I am not sure if I am an atheist or agnostic. I don't like labels and dont particularly even care to analyze which one I am.

Check my posting on the subject:

There is probably no God.

(yes, I know I quoted Dawkins in the heading. you might still enjoy the read though)


ever heard of 'what you don't know, scares you'? thus. it's easier to lash out than to inform yourself.


It is a real shame people can't be more respectful of others belief or lack of them. Interesting post and love all the comments.

Kate x


Your posting reminds me of a magazine I was once subscribed to but cancelled my subscription. I am an open-minded believer in the right for all individuals to believe what they wish to believe. So, I looked forward to reading a magazine which, when advertised, comes across as a magazine that agrees with my principles. However, as I later found out, the articles were mainly written by atheists and agnostics who were so extremely on the left in their ideology as to have made it full circle back to the right. That was more than enough for me to call it quits.

L. T. Host

Atheism leaves a sour taste in my mouth now, but hear me out: I'm aware it's because of the, as you aptly name them, "Douche Bag Atheists." But, they are loud and argumentative and insulting and hypocritical, just as bad as the militant religious folk they rail against, in my book. There are a lot of them on the internet, unfortunately, in the places I hang out other than blogger, and my run-ins with them have made me just as wary of atheism as I am of others. Those guys make it into a joke; a religion of not believing, and I try not to let them color my opinion of genuine, peaceful non-believers like you seem to be, Jm. Like all other things, it's a few bad apples souring the rest of the bunch. But they're out there, and I can't for the life of me see why they can't see how hilarious they are. And annoying. But mostly hilarious, because they have become what they changed to not become.

I respect everyone's belief system, unless you clearly demonstrate that you don't respect mine, then I'll be polite to your face but won't really take anything you say to heart.

Justus M. Bowman

I would be displeased, though I'm not sure how I would react.

Jm Diaz

Outstanding comments all. Thank you very much! I'll be stopping by your blogs today, promise! :)

Natalie L. Sin

I wouldn't care if there was an atheist billboard. It's not like the Christian ones are rocking my socks ; )

The Limit

I love your concept of atheism being the new gay. By the sounds of your post I'm lucky to be in the UK. We're nowhere near as religious as the US, in fact it's rapidly dying out over here. I've been an atheist since I was a child and I quite agree with you Dawkins is a dick, let people have their own beliefs, it's stupid to force our views on people, we all have to get by in this tough world in the best way we can.


Well said. I don't care what people believe, as long as they are not using it to harm or repress others, or spend their time belittling my beliefs. Dickwit Dawkins and co. do that constantly, with their equating of faith/religion (between which they don't seem to distinguish) with disease, and their assumption that they KNOW the answers. They really have earned the "atheist fundamentalist" tag that so upsets them. They're a lot less scary than religious fundamentalists (as you say, they don't go round bombing or shooting anyone) but their attitudes are at bottom just as hardline and arrogant.

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